Does the Red Ring of Death Towel Trick Work?

If you have those three deadly lights showing up on your Xbox you’ve probably been looking through ways to fix it on your own and are wondering if it’s a fast way to repair an overheating xbox. This trick has been passed around on the Internet for quite some time and there has been a long ongoing debate about its workability.

Here is the truth about this special fix for the red ring of death and whether you can really count on using towels to fix your Xbox permanently.

Does It Work?

fix-red-ringIn a nutshell, no it really doesn’t. What it does do in most cases is buy you some time on the machine, usually a few hours at the most, to enjoy your favorite games until it dies again.

The problem with this towel trick is sometimes it will temporarily fix the problem while other times it will damage the machine even further. What you need a permanent solution like this one that is a permanent xbox overheating repair.

The Theory Behind Wrapping Your Xbox In A Towel

According to the information that’s circulating online, you are supposed to gather up enough towels so that the Xbox console can be completely covered with them. Next you are supposed to remove the games, controllers and even the hard drive but leave the power supply in place. Then you are to cover the machine with these towels and then plug the machine into the wall socket and allow it to run for about 15 minutes. Afterwards you let the Xbox 360 cool down for about 20 minutes by unplugging it and then turn it back on to see if everything is in working order.

Why it doesn’t work

The towel trick gets your console overheated on purpose to try to melt the sealant to allow for heat transfer. In theory this is supposed to connect the heatsink and the processor together again. In reality the sealant ends up running out of the bottom of the console, which leaves the processor and the heatsink without a contact point between them. This will work your processor and can cause further damage.

So does the towel trick work? Temporarily yes, but you are risking a lot by trying to save your console this way. If you’re really interested in fixing the red ring of death by yourself you’re better off looking through guides on the Internet that will show you how to take apart the unit properly to apply a permanent fix.

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