How To Permanently Fix The Red Ring Of Death

When you are in the middle of playing a game and suddenly see the famous three red lights your first thought will be, “How do I fix this so I can get back to killing zombies!?” You’ll be looking for an instant and effective cure so that you can get back into game playing mode as quickly as possible. Here is some vital information that you need to know in order to get your console up and running fast.

fix-red-ringWhat Caused It?

These red rings indicating overheating problem with the Xbox. Microsoft didn’t take into account the small size versus the cooling system when they first manufactured it. These units simply don’t have the sinks and fans needed to accommodate all of the heat produced.

Start Here To Repair It

Here are a few suggestions you can try to eliminate the Xbox red ring of death (aka rrod) so that you can get back to your gaming again.

1. The first step to take is to turn off the unit and then try restarting it again. In most cases this won’t be a sure cure but it’s worth a try, nevertheless.

2. Unplug the unit and then disconnect the AV cables and any other sources of power supply to the console. Then, reattach them firmly and turn the unit back on. If the red light of death still shows up, continue to step three.

3. As with the first two steps, you need to unplug your Xbox 360 first to apply this fix. It is dangerous to work with the console when it is still receiving electrical power.

Take out the hard drive and then plug-in and turn on the 360 once again. If you don’t see the red lights appearing, turn it off, unplug it and then put the hard drive back into place. Re-establish power to your Xbox, and then turn it on to see if this was an effective Xbox 360 red ring of death fix.

Should You Return It To Microsoft?

Most gamers absolutely cringe at the thought of packing up their beloved console and sending it off to Microsoft and then waiting for up to three months to get it back. For many hard-core gamers, this will be a setback that they will not be able to experience lightly.

How To Fix Xbox 360 RROD Today

If you’re wondering how to fix red ring without returning your Xbox 360 to the manufacturer, there are other home fixes that you can try before having to resort to boxing up the unit.

What I recommend that you do is use these step by step instructions to permanently fix your box. You can tinker with your xbox, you might get lucky, but it’s likely that the problem will return. Or you can get your console fixed in less than an hour by using the instructions at the blue link in the last sentence.

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