What Does the Xbox Red Ring of Death Mean?

You’ve been playing your Xbox 360 and all of a sudden you see a red glow coming from the console and need to find out what the Xbox red Ring of death means right away. You’ve probably heard a few things about this ring of death and were hoping beyond all hope that it wouldn’t happen to you.

xbox-consoleUnfortunately, when Microsoft designed these Xbox units, they did not take into account overheating factors and people across the world have been struggling with this problem. Here’s an xbox overheating fix that should help you.

The first thing it means is that you are going to have to get your console opened up and fixed. While there are a lot of quick fixes being suggested on the Internet that don’t involve actually opening up the unit and fixing the cause of the matter, these solutions usually cause more harm than good. If you’re serious about fixing your own Xbox you’ll have to get down and dirty and get into the heart of the matter so that you can use your Xbox again.

Red ring causes

1. The red ring of death can be caused by the failure of normal hardware due to solder joints cracking due to excess heat.

2. The usual cause of these three red rings is overheating because the heat sink has been poorly designed. The unit simply does not have enough room to breathe and causes a heat buildup inside the console. The assembly is affected and components can actually melt as a result. As well, the X-clamps for the heatsink often place excess pressure on the GPU and CPU, which then expands the motherboard.

A Couple Quick Fixes That May Help

If you’re hesitant about opening up the console yourself there are easy-to-use guides available that will show you how to do it properly without damaging the machine. These guides will also let you know what type of tools and supplies you’ll need to get before taking on the task so that you’re ready to do a complete fix in one sitting. By using this material you’ll be able to fix your own Xbox without having to resort to sending it back to Microsoft to get fixed.

You’re going to have to get these problems solved in order to fix your Xbox 360 permanently. The X-clamps will need to be replaced and the heatsink will need to have a good thermal compound placed around it such as Arctic Silver. When you take the time to actually get the unit opened and solve the problem that is causing these three rings of death you’ll be able to get your Xbox 360 back into play mode again and get on with your gaming.

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